About us

THALIZABEL – „Izabelita“ ir „Thalissi“ brand union guarantees the best natural, organic products available in all Baltic countries.

We invite you to try two lines of natural Spanish cosmetics "ALISSI BRONTE" and "THALISSI" for both professionals and daily face, and body care.

A prestigious, unique, high-quality, research-based cosmetics, which is dominated by only natural, organic and organically grown ingredients. To obtain the best ingredients from natural resources "Alice BRONTE" and "THALISSI" uses the most advanced equipment of its certified laboratories. These cosmetics meet the highest European and global standards, including ISO 9001: 2000 and GPM. The plants used for cosmetics are certified by the world-recognized "Ecological Organic Plantations" certificate.

Alissi Bronte – a facial care line that helps to solve such skin problems as wrinkles, darkening, acne, dermatitis, couperosis, sagging skin.

Thalissi – an aromatherapy, Ayurvedic body care line based on natural essential oils.

These cosmetics have already conquered the strongest markets in the world, such as the United Arab Emirates, Russia, China, Japan and of course Europe.
Alissi Bronte draws its origins from 1969, when its founder Alicia Pérez-Aragó opened the first Beauty institute and the first Aesthetics School designed for women in Murcia, Spain. After one year "Alexia" became the first Training Academy for future professional beauticians in the region of Murcia. “Alexia” Institute was Approved by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education and by that time the Academy had hundreds of students and extensive facilities in the city centre of Murcia making it one of the most modern and advanced schools of the time.

All the experience of trained professionals, the knowledge of their skins and their needs, the kilometers travelled through the world searching new techniques, the research of the latest and innovative products would be crucial for the subsequent development of Alissi Bronte Cosmetic brand products finally born in 1982.

This is the beginning of what will be the signature of High Scientific and Natural Cosmetics: the most advanced, always at the forefront of beauty, rigorously controlled a pioneer in research and development of new formulas.

Nowadays the business is a Corporation run by the descendants of the founders Ms Alicia and Dr. Mariano;

Mr Mariano Sánchez as Export Manager graduated in Business and Economics and Expert in Cosmetics and Derma pharmacy; Ms Sylvia Sánchez as international Marketing and Commercial Manager also Professional Aesthetics teacher and Ms Tamara Sánchez as the Production Manager. Together they form a team of excellence that covers all the business sectors.

The success of our leading company in the cosmetic industry with worldwide recognition it’s based on our Dynamism and flexibility, growth-oriented to leadership, innovation and development, care against risks and financial strength are the traits with which our company was founded and we have kept until today.
  • 100% NATURAL
    On contact with the skin and later on the body using this cosmetic - is completely safe, and doesn't cause allergies.

    These cosmetics WITHOUT:
    Mineral oils;
    Animal testing;
    PABA (Para-amino benzoic acid);
    Genetically modified organisms;
    Artificial odors;
    Synthetic dyes.
    Natural sugar;
    Flower water;
    100% natural oils;
    Organic medicinal plants;
    Natural protective effect on the skin;
    Visible long-lasting rejuvenating effect;
    Certified quality;
    Bioactive products.
    These cosmetics meet the highest European standards and have their own certified laboratories.
    ISO 9001, no. ES 07 / 4519.02
    ISO 22716, no. ES 12 / 13123.02
    ISO 14001
    Organic ingredients are certified by the official organic farming control service (No. MU-3321 / PV).
    Not less than 95% of the agricultural origin of the product components are made from organic production.
    No animal testing is performed.
    Supported animal protection and welfare.